Monday, 29 October 2012

5 things to do before option registration KEAM , AIEEE

These are he five things you must do before option registration KEAM , AIEEE

1, Understand yourself
Try to understand your interests in subjects . Some students are interested in theory subjects  and some are interested in practical oriented subjects . You can use aptitude tests to find your interests

2, Select your branch
Before selecting college you have to select stream / branch . You have to select your branch based on your interests . You should analyse your personality . One important thing " follow your heart "

3, Analyse the last rank details
Next you have to analyse the last rank details of different colleges based on your favourite stream . List the colleges and stream based on the ascending order of the last rank

4, Select colleges based on your preference
You should have a basic idea about different engineering colleges in Kerala . Colleges should be select based on quality of education , placements, infrastructure, location . We ranked different engineering and medical colleges in Kerala.

5, Register at least 100 options
Register at least hundred options. It will increase the probability of getting into a college. Order the colleges and branches based on the above rules , it is better to create a table before option registration .

Let hope for the best . Post your comments if you have any doubts regarding the option registration .

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  1. sir,
    will the conversion of all india quota to other state quota in aieee 2012 allotment detrimental for kerala students.whether it will effect adversely for kerala students while applying for nit calicut.kindly say some words regarding this. tks